* I have some kind of an issue or question.

If you have any issue or question whatsoever contact us straight way. It's crucial for us to get feedback so we can continually make improvements and provide the best possible product. Send me an message through the Contact us page. 

* Which vane is your quietest.

The 3FP70 is the quietest with the 4FP65 coming in very close behind it. The ultralight versions of these are a fraction quieter again.

What's the difference between your normal vanes and the ultra light version.

Basically the ultra light are made thinner and lighter by about 20%. This means they are not as durable as our normal vanes but they still hold up well. The Ultra light vanes are 0.50mm (0.0196") thick with tube wall thickness of 0.25mm (0.0102") our regular vanes are 0.62mm (0.0244") thick with tube wall thickness of 0.31mm (0.0122"). Regular vanes are around 2 x the strength of the Ultra light. Our target vanes are all the Ultra light version.

* Can I use Easy Vanes with a Whisker Biscuits?

Absolutely. Our vanes are super durably and work well with this style of rest.

* How long does it take to process my order?

Normally 1-2 business days.

* Is it better to use arrow wraps with the vanes?

There is no difference. But it does save time not having to install wraps. Also replacing vanes is quicker without wraps. The glue residual scraps of quickly from a bare shaft.

 * How do I remove the vane?

Just go to the Instructions page and scroll down to the 3rd the video. It's easy and quick. You need to use a sharp box cutter style of knife.

 * How durable are your vanes?

From our tests and customer feed back our vanes far exceed most vanes on the market for durability. Please note that the new Ultra light series of vane are not as durable as our regular vanes but still very strong.

* Do your vanes have a memory effect.

Yes, if for some reason you find your vanes have been bent out of shape applying heat will in general bring them back into shape. Hot water or hair dryer will work. Caution don't over heat you carbon shafts. I will link a video shortly.

 * What's the difference between your normal vanes and your ultra light.

 Our normal vanes are 0.6mm ( 0.0236") thick and are very durable. The ultra light versions are around 18% lighter and 0.50mm (0.0196") thick. They are not as durable as our regular vanes. But handle normal use well.  But are lighter and a fraction quieter. Our target vanes are all made in the ultra light weight version but but you can request for them to be made in the normal weight if you like.