How to order. (Please Read)

Please Read. 

Ordering is easy. Just select which vane style and colour you want, then when ready to checkout on the 'cart' page in the "ordering notes"  list your shaft brand, model and spine. It's important that all details are listed. (refer below for examples). If your unsure of anything just send us a message.  Also if you intend to use with wraps you also need to list this. If you want a different option from the 3 degree right helical that comes standard just list this in order notes.

Some typical examples of what a customer needs to list in the order notes.

Gold tip Hunter 300. 

Black Eagle Rampage 400. Left helical 5 degree.

Victory Vap SS 350. I intend to use with wraps.

Easton Axis 5mm 340 1 Degree Right helical.

Victory Rip 300.

Available colours.

White, Bright green, Neon yellow, Neon Magenta, Orange, Purple, Black, Blood Red, Neon Red, Cyan Blue,  Blue, Silver/Grey, Translucent yellow, Translucent Pink, Translucent green, Translucent orange , Translucent red, Translucent blue, Translucent purple, Translucent Violet, Clear. 




Delivery is 2-5 business days within Australia, 7- 12 business days to New Zealand, 15-25 business days to USA.