Installation Instructions and videos

Installation Instructions.

* All vanes shipped from 1 July 2022 are the version 4 type. Refer to the below video. Note some people may still prefer the version 3 install method that uses tape to seat the vane and two hands to slide it on.

* Ensure shaft is free from old glue etc. It needs to be nice and clean.

* Don't pull the vanes on slowly or the glue when set prematurely. One smooth quick motion.

* Make sure it's your thumbnail pressed against the shaft not the skin on your thumb.

* Don't use to much glue. Use the same or a bit less than is used in the below video.

* If using the vanes with wraps make sure you run your fingers up and down over the wraps to make sure they are presses down properly and also to run the back of your fingernail along where the wrap overlaps itself. Do this a few times. This flattens the overlapping area of the wraps down for easier fit. 

Version 4 install method.

If the vanes are a tighter fit the below install method may be preferred.


In this video I fletch and then instantly shoot through 10 x pieces of cardboard.

 Vane Removal.