Size 29 (7.60mm) 4FP65 65mm (2.56") 4 Fletch

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Includes one tube of glue per 12 vanes ordered

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Size 29 fits the following shafts (If fitting with wraps a different size is needed)

Black Eagle Outlaw 300
Black Eagle Zombie Slayer 300
Carbon Express Predator 60/75
Easton Hyperspeed 300 
Easton PowerFlight 300
Easton PowerFlight 340
Easton 6.5mm ACU Carbon Bowhunter 300
Easton 6.5mm ACU Carbon Bowhunter 340
Gold Tip Hunter 340
Gold Tip Velocity 300
Victory V-Force 350

The 4FP65 is a Quieter lower profile vane. My current favourite.

4 Fletch, 65mm (2.559") Long. Each vane is 10mm (0.393") high. As a reference the total weight is for example 28.5gn on a standard diameter shaft and 26.5gn on a micro. Comes standard as a 3 degree right helical. If left helical is required or a different degree of helical is required please list this in the order notes.

Total vane surface area 1900mm². For a reference 3 blazers are 1181mm²