Size 28 (7.50mm) 4FP65 65mm (2.56") 4 Fletch

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Includes one tube of glue per 12 vanes ordered

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Size 28 fits the following shafts (If fitting with wraps a different size is needed)

Beman ICS Hunter 400
Black Eagle Carnivore 300
Black Eagle Outlaw 350
Black Eagle Outlaw 400
Blood Sport Hunter 300
Carbon Express Predator 4560
Easton Hyperspeed 340
Easton Powerflight 400
Easton 6.5mm ACU-Carbon Bowhunter 400
Feral X Hell Raiser 340
Gold Tip Hunter 400
Gold Tip Velocity 340
Victor Vforce 400

The 4FP65 is a Quieter lower profile vane. My current favourite.

4 Fletch, 65mm (2.559") Long. Each vane is 10mm (0.393") high. As a reference the total weight is for example 28.5gn on a standard diameter shaft and 26.5gn on a micro. Comes standard as a 3 degree right helical. If left helical is required or a different degree of helical is required please list this in the order notes.

Total vane surface area 1900mm². For a reference 3 blazers are 1181mm²